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Latest News
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Latest News On Habbo Hotel .:.UK.:.

14/12/2005 - Winter Madness

From now until 31st December EVERY time you buy 100 or 250 Credits using Splash Plastic, or BT Click and Buy you'll get them at a reduced price! It's the Winter Madness Credits Sale! Click HERE for more information.

13/12/2005 - Bad News

Rudolph and Dudley have fallen out! Click HERE to find out more! This is officially The Worse Christmas ever! *cries*

12/12/2005 - Habbo Triathlon

Its Habbos Vs Hobbas in the Habbo Games Triathlon, the ultimate Habbo Games competition! Click HERE for more information

11/12/2005 - Hobba Quest
Can you solve the cryptic riddles, work out which Hobbas we're talking about and follow the trophy trail? Here's your first riddle:

If you like meeting Hobbas,
Then this is the riddle for you!
She'll put a stop to all the bobba,
She may even click with you!

When you know which Hobba we're talking about, search their rooms for a Duck Trophy, on the Trophy you'll find another clue. Follow the clues till you find the special end trophy. When you finish the quest click HERE to send us your answers.